7 Types of Sarees From Different States of India

India is a country of tradition and culture. In India from language to clothing all changes state-wise. From city to other all they have different culture and tradition. All these things make one beautiful India. 

When it is about Indian women's clothing saree is the first thing we say. Saree is a timeless fashion that has been in fashion for years. 

There are many types of saree and designs you can see in Indian. From state to state design and type of saree changes from banarasi to patola saree have different designs and different fabrics. All saree is special in all its way. The help of intent now we can shop Shop type of saree online just sitting at your home. You can check for best saree sites online.  let's check some saree from Indian tradition. 

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are made in Varanasi. Varanasi also called as banaras. Banarasi saree is a saree produced of finely woven silk. It is designed with golden and silver zari weaving work also decorated with embroidery work. Because of that, these sarees are heavy. Banarasi sarees are the most famous saree among the others so every woman should have at least one banarasi saree in a wardrobe. Bollywood actresses are loving to wear Banarasi silk Saree in Many functions from Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma and many more celebrities had worn banarasi silk saree at their wedding functions. 

Tips: You can wear this beautiful banarasi saree at a wedding or reception and complete your look with Kundan jewelry to get that royal look. 

Paithani Saree

Paithani Sare

Paithani saree was first made in Pathan town in Maharastra. It is made with a silk and zari designer by heavy borders of an oblique square design and a pallu with a Peacock design. Paithani sarees are most loved in Maharastra. This saree look amazing because its different sade effect which is called dhoop-chaav also it has designed such as flowers, peacock, parrots, etc. In Maharastra bride wears a paithani saree as a bridal outfit and looks stunning. Also, women wear this beautiful paithani silk saree on many occasions. 

Tips: Paithani sarees are heavily beautified with floral and many designs will best to wear parties and marriages. Go minimal in jewelry to look more elegant. 

Patola Saree 

Patola saree

Patola sarees are made in Patan Gujarat. These sarees are famous in Gujarat. Patola is made from silk, it is a double ikat woven saree. It means it is similar both the side. One saree takes 3-4 months to weave which makes it very expensive. There was a time when patola sarees are only worn by royal families. These royal patola sarees are rich in colors like red, maroon, and green designed with amazing geometric patterns. Patola saree from Gujarat is all about handwork and traditional Indian culture. Get your patola saree now before this design only stays as a story of art.   

Tips: Adorn this saree with pearl jewelry and you are ready to steal all the heart out like the queen. You can wear this saree at Indian weddings. 

Tant Saree 

Tant Saree

Tant sarees are basically from West Bengal. It is a traditional Bengali saree worn by bengali women. Tant saree is made of cotton thread and in light color shades with transparency. Tant saree is designed with a thick pallu border with the floral and paisley motif. Tants saree is considered the most comfortable saree for the Indian climate. Also, it is easy to carry. 

Tips: Tant saree can be the best office or daily wear because of its lightweight and subtle colors. 

Chikankari Saree 

Chikankari saree from ethnic plus

The nawabi city Lucknow is famous for chikan embroidery. Chikankari sarees are also made in Lucknow. chicken embroidery is mostly done with pastel colors treads like peach, white, and all light shaded. Soothing colors and sophisticated chikankari created an amazing six-yard of elegance. With heavy embroidery, this saree can be worn any day, any time. It complicates you look and grab all the eyes. 

Tips: You do not need any jewelry to be adorned with this saree. It will complete your look. It can be worn at parties and anywhere. 

Chanderi Saree

Chanderi saree from ethnic plus

Chanderi sarees are traditional saree made in Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi saree is not only worn in Madhya Pradesh but all over the world, women are loving this saree because of its simple yet elegant look. this saree is made of cotton and silk. It is designed with different types of geometrical patterns and floral art.  

Tips: You can wear this chanderi silk saree daily it is just so comfortable.it with a light neckpiece, earrings and you are ready to go anywhere. 

Kalamkari Saree

kalamkari saree

Kalamkari comes from word Kalam. Which means 'pen'. Kalamkari design is all about hand-printed design on cotton or any other cloths. Kalamkari sarees are traditional and inspired by Hindu mythology. This saree is all about block print and handprint on it which look ethnic. Kalamkari saree is best for any occasion. 

Tips: Kalamkari saree can be worn anytime as it is comfortable to wear and easy to handle. Best for any season.