How To Rock Saree Look Even In Heavy Monsoon

Monsoon is a magical romantic season we all wait for. Summer is almost over and the monsoon is just around the corner. How to season change we have to change the over fashion game. This is the time when you have to make strong your fashion game and give your wardrobe an instant upgrade by adding our all-time favorite Indian sare. Every Indian woman has a love for Indian saree online. saree is an amazing outfit that enhances the beauty of women in any shape any age and any color. Whether it is a casual wear saree or designer saree or any Indo western saree, This six-yard garment is all about the splendor that makes you look mesmerizing in this amazing romantic weather. We know that you are worried about the rainy weather that can ruin your attire look. So we hear to help you with some amazing tips so that you don't mess with your look and step out like a diva in this rainy weather. 

Saree For Monsoon Season

Color Selection : 

The latest saree trend is all about pastel colors and soft shades, women are in love with the soft color and designs. However, when it is to choose a color for the monsoon season you have to be very careful about the color choice. No matter how much you love pastel color sarees, you to avoid them. This is just because of the wet street and unexpected weather. This weather can stain your pretty saree. For just a few months you have to turn away from that pastel white and peach. What about that vibrant color saree that you have bought. Choose from that pink, blue, red, black saree.

 Light Fabrics:

The most important part while buying saree online is fabric. For this monsoon season opt-in for georgette, satin silk, organza as these fabrics are easy to carry. Also, these fabrics help your skin on these humid days. If you get drenched then these fabrics are easy to dry. Forgot about cotton and silk it will cling to your skin. 

Pant Saree

Pant Saree:

Draping saree is inconvenient in this monsoon season. There are many trending saree options you can go with to rock this season. Pant saree is the best option to stay cool and look stylish in this monsoon season. This saree comes with pants or palazzo so you are free from that hassle of draping saree and trust us you will create a unique statement with your look. 

Make for Saree

Waterproof Makeup: 

Not only saree will help you to rock the festival. Your make-up is also very important. No matter how beautiful your designer saree and just draping is just not enough. Some women avoid wearing makeup just because of fear of unwanted drops. There is a variety of waterproof makeup available in the market. So take the best waterproof makeup apply what suits you best and flaunt your look. 

Best Foot wear With saree

Choose Footwear

Footwear has the best role in this monsoon season. . Shop for the best saree. Most women prefer to wear heels with a saree but this is not the best season to wear heal. Rather you should go with flats which will give you a good grip on the wet roads. This time is all about staying comfortable with style.  

Printed Saree


This is the time when people love minimalistic. When you are choosing to wear a saree, you can go with lesser embellishments. You can choose some bold print or floral design saree. These floral prints and bold look stunning and suit the mood. 

Hope you like the ideas to rock your saree look.