One can never go wrong with sarees. When it is about to Indian festival or party, a saree look can rock the occasion. Sarees are evolved quite in past years. Be it ruffle saree or high neck blouse saree, ready to wear saree or a dhoti saree, you will sure to find something unique for every occasion. From family gatherings to office parties, a temple visit, or just home warming pooja, This beautiful article of Indian clothing is love in any purest form. 

Wearing a saree is love, but the design of the blouse is also important. Blouse design most important the sleeves play the role in your overall look. Today's world is all about fashion and OOTD, So let's make your blouse sleeves more fashionable to make an eye-catching appearance in public.

Check the below amazing sleeve design below that you can go for.

Balloon Sleeves 

Ballon sleeves blouse

How its name suggests balloon sleeves make the shape of the balloon on your sleeves design. This can be your party-ready style. If you are wearing a simple printed saree then also your sleeves can take all the attention. You must have seen many designer sarees where the blouse style plays the main role. Also, the main benefit of balloon sleeves is that they will hide the extra inches of your hand. 

Cape Sleeves

cape sleeves

Cape sleeves are best when you want to uplift your outfit. If you are a little extra on your side then cape sleeves are the best one. There are multiple patterns available in cape sleeves, from short to long many patterns available in the online market. It will give a unique touch to your casual saree. 

Umbrella Sleeves

Umbrella sleeves

Umbrella sleeves are popular in salwar kameez designs. Pakistani salwar kameez designs are famous for long umbrella sleeves. Pair your saree with umbrella sleeves to enhance its look. Umbrella sleeves look amazing on all types. 

Cold Shoulder Sleeves 

Cold shoulder Sleeves

Pair your party wear saree with a cold shoulder blouse for modern vibes. Cold shoulders are in fashion from the bit but as per the fashion police, it's not going anywhere for a long time. Cold shoulders are used in western dresses, kurties, gowns, and sarees too. So what are you waiting for get your off-shoulder blouse ASAP?