How To Wear Saree In Winter Season?

When winter comes, you bury your sarees in the back of the wardrobe. Saree is hardly considered part of winter fashion. This could be due to many causes. It takes a lot of work to get the plates draped right. You need the right kind of inner clothing to keep the wearer comfy on chilly days.

You also need to make sure you choose the right cloth and designs. So there's a lot of work and you can opt for cardigans and outerwear instead of choosing a saree to wear for the day.

Sarees were never meant to be a winter outfit, but many women insist on wearing them year-round. Although fighting the cold takes some effort, it is still possible to do it with elegance. Here's how to do it.

How to style your Sarees during winter?

Traditional South Asian clothing is not limited to covering the bodies of women in that region. Now it is an item of worldwide clothing. And it's not just spring or summer clothing anymore.

Even the younger generation in India has rediscovered the adjustability of the saree. Now they're adding it to their usual wardrobe, thanks to a recent revitalisation in celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians.

1. Style your Sarees with Coats

Those days are long gone, of pairing a saree with a grandma's sweater and wrecking your style in the methodology. Sure, this walk is noncontroversial and cosy, but it won't cut your attributes for impressing your fellow fashionistas. It is possible to match your winter clothes with your ethnic clothes.

You can style your saree with a silk coat to add a royal and lavish touch. Styling your saree look with a silk coat is suitable for formal events and functions. For giving this silk-coat-styling thing a finishing touch you can choose a Pashmina Silk Saree and a fur muffler for a bit of elegancy.

Besides Silk coats saree can be styled with long overcoats also to give the style a regal look The beauty of this look is that it does not matter how many coatings you have beneath, you will still look slim. Indeed, the length of the jacket creates the misconception of height.

2. Boost your vitality with a jacket

The jacket was originally paired with jeans and breeches and was intended for casual wear. As more professional, dressy and formal variations have emerged, they are now also worn with skirts and dresses. So why not sarees and national dress? Finally, jackets help in keeping warm and give the wearer an ultra-chic vibe.

There are myriad ways to experiment with this look. For example, organise a standard saree by switching the regular choli for a Nehru coat. Remember that a jacket should always complement your saree and not differ from it.

In this, you can use jackets like a velvet jacket, contrast jacket, professional blazer, ethnic jacket or even a denim jacket.

3. Slim-fit sweaters are delicately designed but still sassy

The bodycon sweater is practical yet sophisticated enough for all the most formal gatherings. Wear sweaters, turtlenecks, fitted cardigans, and sweatshirts under your saree.

You can rock the look with any turtleneck blouses with any floral printed silk sarees, if you are more like a historic person, then you can opt for cardigans, as they don’t bulk up your look like blazers and other coats do.

4. Beautify your saree with a cover-up

In winter signature fabrics includes silk sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, and mesh sarees. This is where disguise comes in. Experimentation with different colours, types, patterns, and fabrics.

Dupattas and shawls are the best choices for enhancing your winter look. You can drape a silk dupatta or a shawl as a pallu around your saree. They look beautiful and also keep you warm.

Enrich your saree by swirling a cape with it. Cloaks aren't just for fighting crime or fooling hungry wolves. Often paired with skirts and gowns, capes are the go-to accessory to add a mesmerising element to dull outfits. Choose between thick sweaters. Whatever you choose, pair it with your saree fabric.

5. Replace blazers with tight-fitting long-sleeve shirts

For a more casual winter look, ditch the long-sleeve shirt with a slim fit. Add volume to a lacklustre frame by wearing thermal clothing beneath and a pleated and ruched saree. Make wide folds for the pallu. Highlight the look with an eye-catching belt or a traditional headband.

6. Bringing you pleasure with Palazzo or pantsuits

The best base for this is to team up your saree with a palazzo suit. Swap your inner skirt or petticoat for pants or palazzos. This not only allows you to survive in the tundra but also gives you that Greek mystic looks inside.

7. Glorify your saree look with Anarkali kurta

It sounds like an odd medley, but you can pair sarees with kurtas Anarkali. Just keep the kurta neutral for sure. After draping and pleating the saree, slide the kurta through the layers, then flip the pallu over your shoulders.

8. Pull your weight into the fabric

Classic cold-weather saree fabrics include velvet, brocade and Banarasi silk. The heaviness of these fabrics ensures warmth at low temperatures. Moreover, they have luxurious colours and exquisite details.

Pair a chiffon saree with a velvet jacket. Accessorize with a long layered silver chain, earrings and a simple ring. If you're not a fan of flamboyant necklaces, wear wilting earrings and leave your neck open. Complete the look with coloured closed-toe pointy heels.

9. Imitation fur makes a style statement

If you're looking for a bold change, pair your saree with imitation fur accessories, such as a coat or down jacket. Wear them plain or with intricate details for an extra ethnic touch.

In the 50s and 60s, sleeves were all that was in fashionableness. It is a fashion accessory introduced in the 16th century but made famous by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

It was a coat made of fur or other warm fabric that was opened at both ends and served as a hand warmer. It would be a great addition to any winter saree outfit, especially during formal, ceremonial, and red carpet occasions.

10. Score a winter wedding with quality accessories

Revitalize up your winter wedding by styling your sarees with items like sequined coats or frocks. The second technique seems more like a styling manoeuvre than a keeping warm, but it works. Gowns pair very well with sarees. They create a wonderful blend of elegance and stateliness for cocktail parties and weddings.

Plating up the blog

The stereotype of the saree as a warm-weather garment has long since vanished. But turning it into all-weather apparel isn't too challenging. We have proven it by offering beneficial and elegant ideas.

Accessorize the sarees as you see fit. There is no police saree in the modern fashion world. Subsequently, who are we to judge those who use bizarre objects to bring saree to life? In ancient times, pairing it with a bomber jacket was overkill, let alone military boots.

Unleash your power with our suggestions, but don't let the rules get in the way. Have fun in the winter wonderland without freezing.