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For the past few years, brides are openly welcoming many different bold colors rather than sticking to the traditional shades of red, and if you are also one of those bold brides who want to pick a unique hue of saree for your special day, then why not pick the hottest color combination of golden saree and shades of green and steal all the spotlight on your wedding night? The green saree is the epitome of grace, especially when it comes to winter weddings. Moreover, the pastel hues of the green are available from the light to the darkest shades, which offer you more than enough choices. 

And when we talk about the perfect sarees for the mehndi function, we doubt that there would be a better option than an emerald green saree. Add a touch of blush pink with the accessories to your outfit, and you are all set to take on the stage with the bold and perfect mehndi function outfit. 

Which is a good contrasting color for a blouse with a green saree other than pink?

Well, if you are looking for a good color combination for the blouse other than pink that can go with your green saree, then golden is your color. Add golden shade to your blouse and bring out the royal look with your wedding outfit. 

Green saree does not only look Royal but also has become a prime choice for divas, who want to stand tall in the crowd.