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Gota Patti Saree

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Gotta Patti Sarees: Elevate Your Style with Modern Gotta Patti Work Sarees

The Gotta Patti Sarees are classic embellishments in Indian Ethnic Wear, that add a touch of elegance to sarees. At Ethnic Plus, we have this traditional embellishment, and fill it with modern designs and techniques to create this beautiful saree that are both trendy and traditional.

Digital Printed Gotta Patti Sarees

Digital Printed Gotta Patti sarees are modern sarees, combining the intricate beauty of Gotta Patti's work with trendy prints. These sarees feature Gotta Patti printed on the fabric, creating a stylish look. The blend of prints and Gotta Patti's work adds dimension to the saree, making it perfect for casual and formal occasions.

Border Work

Borderwork Sarees is a traditional embellishment that adds a touch of elegance to sarees. In modern Gotta Patti work sarees, the border is decorated with intricate Gotta Patti work, creating a gorgeous contrast against the fabric. The border work can be simple and subtle to turn on your style preference. Pairing a borderwork Gotta Patti saree with a contrasting blouse can create a fashionable look on the occasion.

Flower Print

Flower print sarees are a design element that adds a feminine and romantic touch to sarees. In modern Gotta Patti work sarees, flower prints are combined with Gotta Patti's work to create a beautiful and balanced design. The Gotta Patti work enhances the beauty of the flower prints, creating a saree look at your celebration of yours. A flower print Gotta Patti saree is perfect for many festive occasions, from weddings to celebrations.

Dori Work

Dori's work is an Indian embroidery technique that involves creating intricate patterns using a needle and thread. In modern Gotta Patti work sarees, Dori's work is combined with Gotta Patti flourishes to create a unique and stylish look. The combination of Dori's work and Gotta Patti's embellishments adds texture and depth to the saree, making it a remark piece ensuring you look bold and beautiful out there.

Choose Ethnic Plus Gotta Patti Sarees!

The Gotta Patti work sarees are a beautiful combination of standard craftsmanship and stylish design. At Ethnic Plus, we present an attractive collection of Latest Sarees Designs, including printed Gotta Patti sarees, border work sarees, flower print sarees, and Dori work sarees. Elevate your style with these outcomes and make a fashionable look wherever you go.


  • What is Gotta Patti's work?

Gota patti or gota work is an Indian embroidery that is from Rajasthan, India. It uses the applique technique. Small pieces of zari ribbon are applied onto the fabric with the edges sewn down to create elaborate patterns.

  • How can I style a Gotta Patti saree?

You can style a Gotta Patti saree by pairing it with traditional jewelry such as jhumkas, bangles, and a statement necklace. You can also experiment with different draping styles to create a fashionable trendy look.

  • What makes Ethnic Plus' Gotta Patti sarees stand out?

Ethnic Plus Gotta Patti sarees are crafted with high-quality fabrics and intricate Gotta Patti work. Each saree is unique and reflects the rich cultural heritage of India.