6 Different Types of Designer Sarees and Why Women Have Always Loved Sarees

Saree Designs

More than any other ethnic wear, sarees have stood at the top position and came out as a true winner. Albeit with time, great changes have been observed in the trends and styles, but none of them affect the popularity of sarees among women. Traditionally saree is the expression of tradition and culture that mark out our country. The elegance of attire is matchless, and it is the main reason why women are passionate about their purchases.

If you want to learn six designer types of sarees, every woman loves to have in her collection

Kanjivaram saree

1. Kanjeevaram Saree:-

Royal borders, vivacious colors, and rich silk texture, give Kanjeevaram Saree a fancy aura. Starting in Tamil Nadu, beautiful Kanjevaram traditional sarees have been adopted all over the country to celebrate special occasions. Weaved from the pure mulberry thread, this silk saree has inherent grace and elegance. Their signature gold tint embellishes their look. Every woman wants to have at least one Kanjeevaram Saree in her collection.

nauvari saree

2. Nauvari Saree:-

Originally originating from the west coast of the country, Nauvari Saree is one of the traditional Indian Saree that is renowned for its nine-yard long length. Nauvari has a unique style of draping where the border of the saree is tucked in the back.

bandhani saree

3. Bandhani Saree: -

Gujarat has given us the famous tie, and dye Bandhani printed saree. These sarees come in different patterns and colors; besides, there is an old belief associated with this saree that it brings a good future and fortune for a bride. The entire process of producing Bandhani saree is intricate, and all continues by hand. Bandhani sarees are an ethnic style of saree that evoke the grand image of Rajasthani and Gujarati culture. Since it is a very delicate piece of clothing, thus it needs to be preserved and care for over time.

bangali saree

4. Tant Saree:-

Of all the different types of sarees available in India, the Tant saree is quite distinguishable. The white and red colored saree comes from Bengal personified by its elegance. Every Bengali woman has this saree in her wardrobe. Tant saree is woven from a breathable material which makes it a convenient option to put on in humid temperatures. This traditional tant saree has zari on its pallu, which makes it heavily designed. Albeit in the modern days, hand printed saree is much in trend.

Banarasi Saree

5. Banarsi Saree:-

Originally, banarsi saree was designed for royalty with real threads of silver and gold. But in modern times, many variations of Banarsi sarees are available in the market, but none of them have lost their elegance. These sarees are renowned for their motifs and patterns, so give them a try.

lucknowi saree

6. Chikankari Saree:-

 The Nawabi city of Lucknow come with fabric stitched with the ultimate sophistication-Chikankari. These sarees look gorgeous, but their intricate design adds much more to them. Available in soothing colors and heavy embroidery, make these sarees an easy wearable option that can be put on any day, occasion, and time of the year. The elegance and trust of the chikankari saree grab all the eyeballs.

Final words

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