Saree is one of the most exquisite traditional clothing. Its beauty and adaptability remain at the top of the traditional clothing list. If you want to enhance your appearance, then you can choose a saree, as there is no age restriction to wear this stunning piece of clothing. There are many ways to style your silk saree so that you may feel a bit more confident about draping this 9-yard stunning fabric.

1 Select the right piece of jewelry: -


Pairing the right set of jewelry with the latest silk saree is essential, as it not only improves your overall look but also makes the saree look glamorous. Wearing a delicate piece of jewelry with a silk saree adds a feminine touch. But do you know the trick to selecting the right jewelry is to know how much and what jewelry you want to wear? For the wedding or party, the look can pair up your silk saree with heavy earrings and a necklace. On the other hand, for the reception or cocktail party, you can go for an elegant and smart pair of earrings and necklace; it will give you the class you dream of.

2. Try pant-style saree draping: -

belt saree

Pant-style draping is one of the popular styles of saree draping. It is not just functional, and comfortable but also provides you with a super chic look. With lots of designers and celebrities promoting this look in their fashion shows, this look provides an incredibly modern look to your personality without losing the elegant traditional touch. To achieve this look, you have to wear a pant underneath and then drape the saree from one leg, leaving one side of the pant quite visible. You can achieve this look with any saree, whether you choose a printed silk saree or a fancy saree to attend the next wedding.

3. Add a belt to your saree: -

belt saree

whether you believe it or not, this trend has taken the saree fashion industry by storm. By adding a simple belt over a simple silk saree, you can increase the sassiness of your personality to create a style statement. Besides, to achieve a proper look in this style, you have to drape your saree in a basic manner and add a belt that will cinch your pallu at your waist. If you want to achieve this ultra-modern look with something more traditional, then you can use try this tip? You can even use your Kamar bandh to create this look. To add more grace, pair up your saree with a statement blouse; it will add zing to your outfit.

4. Wear your silk saree like Lehenga:-

belt saree

What is the requirement of buying a Lehenga when your silk saree can do the wonders for you? Indeed you heard the right. It is one of the trendiest styles of wearing a saree is to drape it like in lehenga style. This individual style of saree draping is extremely easy, so you can ace it without any difficulty. All you need to drape and pleat the complete 6 to 9-yard long saree in this manner. But you need to leave some piece of saree of your pallu to ace your look and flaunt your grace.

Final words

Saree is one of the most amazing outfits that you can style in endless ways. Silk saree can give you an entirely different look every time you drape it. At Ethnic Plus, we provide an elegant collection of silk saree and lehenga online that will help in adding style to your look. Be confident and wear the saree with style, through this way, you will be able to rule the look.