Latest gown design

Summer is all here and with that wedding season too! It is high time to get your ensemble ready for your best friend's much-waited intimate weddings. It is the time when weddings are going intimate but the fashion trend is still the same. Indian Wedding outfits must be trending, most photogenic, and best for an intimate look. Here is some trending ethnic wedding gowns design we have chosen for you to get best intimate wedding look for your best persons wedding day. After all, you have to look the best for the best Instagram post. 

Long Slit Cut Top With Lehenga Gown -Two Layer gown

Slit cut gown

When you are ready to make a fashion statement your outfit must be the best chosen and most glamorous. Lehenga choli is the best option for any wedding but when you are into making a head turn in the function you must have to look unique, so going with a long slit cut top with full gher lehenga inside is the best choice. You may call it a front slit style gown, Lehenga with a long top, or a long top with lehenga. It is the best thing to look fashionable and different. Wearing the front slit style long top lehenga will add more layers to your confident fashionistas style.

Net Ethnic Long Flaired Gown

net long gown

Net is most loved the fabric into women's fashion and crazily loved by women. Net gives the most girlish look to your outfit with its layers and fullness. In additional satin and art silk lining that comes with netted fabric adds one more layer of confidence into your complete look. Wearing a long gown with much flair into it will give you the most fairytale wedding look. Also, the embellishment of floral and heavy border dupatta will help you to look at the most ethnic Indian wedding. As such wearing a net saree, net lehenga and net suit is also a great option to rock the perfect Indian wedding look. Apart from this net material is very light weighted so it is easy to rock in this outfit with the hot Indian summer days. What's next? you need to choose the best color according to your skin type and occasion timing. After the selection, you are ready to make the most eye-catchy statement with net long gown

Anarkali Style Long Gown 

 Anarkali Gown

There was a time in Indian fashion when Anarkali suit and gowns are loved by women. Love for Anarkali is not changed with time. Anarkali gown style is back in trend. In Indian fashion Wearing an ethnic Anarkali gown with dupatta is the best ready-to-go style for any function. If you want to look the most elegant and ethnic at the wedding. Anarkali gown is the best option. Anarkali gowns are the best know for its flair, it gives the best fully fashionista look. Generally adoring with scintillating details Anarkali gown does make the eye-catchy statement. When you twill the gher gives you the celebratory look. 

Heavily Embroidered Gown 

Anarakali Gown

Indian outfits are almost incomplete without the embroidery embellishment on them. With the correct tread, embellishment Indian clothing gives the most ethnic look. If you don't want to do much for looking the best you can go with a fully embroidered long gown dupatta. Long embroidered gowns are the best choice to get an Indian wedding and festival look. Indian loves the embroidery work, the detailing on the fabrics embellished royalty. The embroidered gown or trend work gown adds grace to ethnic wear but also gives your look a sense of dignity and confidence.