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Sarees are one of the simplest women's articles of clothing that brings out the natural beauty and curves. For years the 6-meter long article of clothing has been the middle of attention within the Indian industry. Excitingly, the attractiveness of sarees remains as mighty as ever, and the impression of it will stay that worthy in the future also.

Over the years, this Indian ancient wear has experienced several changes and experimentations. To name a couple of would be the readymade sarees and fusion sarees. The evergreen dress manages to remain alive through innovative styles like pairing it with modern-cut pants, breechcloth pants, palazzos, and even jeans.

These experiments, together with the standard draping vogue, will solely do most to reinforce your look. Selecting the perfect saree that looks good on you, pulls off half of your attire look. This indicates, that you should decide on a saree that is ideal for your body shape and comparable to your measurements.

The Charm Of Excellently Draped Saree

There is a particular charm and magic during an utterly draped saree look. No matter casts the spell, the attractiveness of a saree can't be forbidden. It's the buyer's goods that enrich the sweetness of a girl once draped well.

The most common key factor of getting a flawless saree look is selecting the proper saree for you, that in itself has many factors. As an example, you wish to think about the fabric once selecting a saree as a result, it decides whether or not you look slim or large. Moreover, the proper colours and print will bring out the sweetness of your body and skin style.

Choice of the Perfect Saree for your Body Type

When a saree is chosen in accordance with your body shape and size, it can do wonders to your body. Every Body type needs a special kind of saree that solely works for that particular body form.

1. Saree for Pear Body Shape

Saree for Pear Body Shape

If your bust is smaller in comparison to your hips, then you have a pear body shape. An Indian woman of this shape should stay away from the mermaid sari cut, as her lower body looks bulkier than it really is.

The lady should choose georgette and chiffon sarees to effectively poise her upper and lower body. In terms of colour, women of this shape look exceptionally good in bright pastel tones. The perfect sari curtain for a pear-shaped body is the Seedha Pallu (Saree’s straight decorated end) style, which is proportional to both parts.

2. Saree for Apple Body Shape

Saree for Apple Body Shape

If your chest and belly are heavier than your hips, it will look like an apple, therefore it is called the apple body shape. Embroidery or beadwork saree works the best for an apple-shaped body.

If you have a broad waist, you can assure that the area is covered by wrapping the sari in a precise way or by choosing a long blouse to hide your belly. Silk saree is an apple-shaped body fabric that brings you the best. Choose the Ulta Pallu sari for a traditional look that also hides your thick hips.

3. Sarees for an Hourglass Body Shape

Sarees for an Hourglass Body Shape

An Indian woman with an hourglass body shape has a symmetrical bust and hips with a determined waist. A desirable type that draws a natural curve, Sarees are their most pleasing friend.

They can flaunt their body in the sari from the chiffon, mesh and georgette fabrics. These fabrics complete and highlight your natural curves. The hourglass-shaped body sari should ideally be dark in colour with mild embroidery. In acquisition, you can prefer a cross-tie blouse to glorify the comprehensive look. It is most profitable to dodge weighty decorations. Also, be careful not to over-tighten the bodice.

4. Sarees for Slim and Tall Body Shape

Sarees for Slim and Tall Body Shape

If you're as tall and slim as Deepika Padukone, here's how to get the perfect saree look. Radiant colours, large prints, and wide, assertive frames are some of the elements required for success. Because the large prints on sarees will make you look smaller than you actually are, thus taking the concentration away from your abdomen.

Your fabric choice is also important. Mesh and lace sarees with thick trim can make tall women look incredible. Alternatively, you can choose cotton sarees with silk varieties. It's best to stay away from sticky fabrics like chiffon and satin.

5. Sarees for short and slim body shape

Sarees for short and slim body shape

For short and slim women, traditional Indian clothing should have slim hemlines, which will make them appear more extensive than usual. Chunky textures and decorations are a must for petite women. Medium prints and heavy embroidery work are must-haves in a saree.

Choose a top with an open back to create the fantasy of height. The components on the sarees are key for you because simple sarees will only make you look smaller. Saree colours like grey, red and brown will look great on you.

6. Sarees for Plus-sized Body Shape

Sarees for Plus-sized Body Shape

Chubby Indian women should avoid stiff fabrics like cotton. These fabrics will only make you look more Chubby. It is also prudent to stay away from large, wide prints. Instead, pick out a thick chiffon and silk saree for a well-dimensioned figure.

Small prints and linear prints along with dark and bold colours are the best saree elements for you. For blouses, it is better to prefer one with a deeper neck and wide sleeves. Chubby women need to be careful with their long suits, as it will make all the difference.

7. Sarees for Rectangular Body Shape

Sarees for Rectangular Body Shape

If you have a rectangular or straight body, it means the same measurements for all parts of your body. The ruler body type is also known as the mannequin body. Since this body type doesn't have a lot of curves, you need saree fabrics to add magnitudes like cotton, brocade, textile, and organza. Avoid sticky fabrics that can draw attention to your waistline.

You can choose thick embroidery on your designer sarees. To keep the rectangle out of focus, wear deep necklines and bold print blouses. If you're short outside of a rectangle, smaller prints and lighter boundaries are the way to go. Some of the best neck styles for you are turtle necks, v-necks, split necks, elastic waistbands, camisoles, and halter tops. In acquisition, you can also pick from tube tops and corsets.

8. Sarees for Skinny Body Shape

Sarees for Skinny Body Shape

Skinny women need to emphasise their arcs when wearing designer sarees. Therefore, you should avoid sticky fabrics such as chiffon, poly-crepes and too thin fabrics.

Heavier woven fabrics like Banarasi saree, heavy georgette variety, and cotton fabrics like Kota and Southern are perfect for you. Sleeveless, open-back and halter tops are the best option for you. Sarees for skinny figures should be light or light and bold colours with scattered textures. The patli pallu style is a pleated style that can be easily worn by skinny women.

9. Sarees for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Sarees for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

With an upside-down triangle body, you have broad shoulders, small hips, and slim legs. Your upper body will likely be more rotund than your abdomen, and you will require clothing to emphasise the front.

You can choose blouses that are not too genteel and more straightforward. It's best to avoid blouses with bloated sleeves or rich work on the shoulders. For saree fabric, you can choose silk or even mesh fabric for showing off your petite waist. The best way to wear your saree is to carefully pin the pallu over your shoulder. Letting it spill over the edge of your shoulder is a big no for you.

10. Sarees for athletic body shape

Sarees for athletic body shape

Toned and tempting curves, an athletic body, toned calves and thighs, toned shoulders and an elongated neck are some of the key features of an athlete's body. Saree for women with athletic bodies must be able to underline the curves. Therefore, they should avoid tight materials such as chiffon, and mesh because they will make them look thinner. Also, choose bright colours, stuffy borders, and embroidery in solid shades.

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When wearing a saree, make sure your pleats are tucked in to give you an extravagant and lustrous look. When worn suitably, sarees are the best apparel for women. They bring a feminine and cultured beauty to the wearer and create a fascinating influence.

When choosing a saree for your body type, you are making a conscious choice to take your fashion game to the next level. Each body type needs a different style, colour, saree element and blouse to bring out the best in their body. There is no right way to wear a saree because every woman is unique with her own creative abilities.