Weddings are incredibly meaningful events. In India, the wedding ceremony consists of several gatherings with elaborate costume preparations. You can go all out and dress in the most opulent outfits on these occasions. However, choosing an outfit can make you groan just thinking about it, and the bride is not exempt from this problem.

The six-yard ensemble category offers a wide range of options. There is a distinctive saree or weave available in almost every state in India. Check out the top wedding saris below for your wedding.

Five enticing wedding sarees for India for brides:

Kanjivaram Sarees:

These luxurious saris are made of pure mulberry silk and feature a striking interplay of jewel tones and metallic gold and copper hues. The Kanjeevaram sarees, which are typically created by Kanchi weavers, are the traditional wedding sarees that brides throughout India frequently wear as part of their bridal attire. These breathtaking Indian bridal sarees are renowned for their elaborate patterns, wide, dramatic borders, incredibly high quality, and rich fabric.

Banarasi Sarees:

The timeless, always-glistening Banarasi is another popular choice in the category of bridal wedding sarees. Indian weddings are not complete without brocade. The Banarasi weaving is an elaborate, timeless custom. This lavish garment and its numerous variations are greatly adored by Indian women.

People all across the world see Banarasi and brocade as representations of Indian culture and tradition since they are such integral parts of Indian society. Pure silk, hand-loomed Banarasi silk sarees can take weeks or months to make, and these opulent sarees come with a naturally regal appearance.

Panetar Sarees:

Panetar is only used during weddings. The bride's maternal uncle customarily presents her with the Gujarati community's traditional bridal wedding saree. These sarees are distinguished by their red and white colour scheme and strong gold accents and designs on pure silk. An artistic creation, a Panetar.

While the Panetar Sari's body is white or off-white, its elaborate border is deep crimson. The pallu frequently has a golden weave that is richly embroidered by hand with things like Zardozi, stone, and cut-dana work. This sari's luxurious border features a similar pattern.

Modern Sarees:

The preferences and sensibility of Indian brides have also evolved through time. Nowadays, a lot of people choose to choose modern bridal sarees and wedding outfits over classic saree designs. One of the most popular trends in Indian wedding sarees right now is net fabric. The basic material for the net is lightweight and adaptable.

Another popular design in the selection of Indian bridal sarees is the lehenga saree. Modern brides choose these gorgeous sarees since they are frequently simpler to drape and carry.

Paithani Sarees:

The traditional wedding attire for Maharashtrian/Marathi women is a Paithani Saree. These timeless, elegant handwoven silk sarees are made in Paithan, a town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The traditional drapes' most defining feature is their vibrant, stunning borders, which feature oblique square patterns. For the Maharashtrian culture, a Paithani sari is a treasured heirloom and a legacy.

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