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Zari work Gown

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Stay Styling in Zari Work Gown

If you are looking for the most appealing options to flaunt your curves, then a zari work gown is the right choice for you. At Ethnic Plus, we have a wide range of options available on fabric, colors, and work you want in your gown. Zari work gown is the most demanding option these days. In fact, the fashion of zari work never goes outdated. It will make you look rich and royal instead. Our website has different options available for you if you are looking for a zari work gown.

We always guarantee fabric quality and appealing design whenever you shop from us. We never let you get bored when shopping on our website. We always keep uploading the newest designs and subtle zari work gowns that you won’t find elsewhere. At Ethnic Plus, we always take care of the shopping mood and pocket of our customers. This is why we keep uploading the new collection to make shopping fun for you.

Do We Have Color Choices on Zari Work Gowns at Ethnic Plus?

Of course, we have different color options available for you. Our zari work gown collection is unique and we also have different color options that you can choose as per your mood and shopping needs. We always look forward to owning a unique collection for our customers. After all, customer satisfaction is important. Moreover, we take pride in keeping our customers happy with endless choices available on our site.

Shop Online Zari Embroidered Wedding Gowns

Zari Work, which is also known as Zardozi work, is one of the traditional textile designs that has been followed for centuries. An intricate of the Indian and Persian culture, Zari's work involves the use of gold and silver metallic threads to create intricate designs on fabrics. The work adds a royal and premium feel to the appeal, making them such an excellent choice for all sorts of events, especially for formal events and weddings. The shimmering gold or silver threads add a touch of luxury and elegance to any outfit. The intricate designs created by zari work are often inspired by nature and traditional motifs, making each gown a unique piece of art.

Simply put, you cannot go wrong if you opt for Zari Work Gown, and the best place to purchase such apparel is Ethnic Plus. Here, we have an exclusive collection of Zari Work Gown for sale online that you can take advantage of. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our offerings immediately!


Tips for Styling Zari Work Gowns

  • Keep the accessories minimal. Let the gown be the statement piece, and avoid overpowering it with too many accessories.
  • Choose shoes that complement the gown. Metallic heels or nude pumps are a great choice.
  • Style your hair in an elegant updo, or let it flow naturally. Avoid hairstyles that cover up the intricate zari work on the gown.
  • Opt for understated makeup. A neutral or smoky eye with a nude lip will complement the gown without taking away from its beauty.

Deciding to get your hands on Zari Work Gowns is the best decision you will make today! Do so now!



What exactly is Zari Work?

Zari is one of the traditional designs that is still utilized to this day. This technique involves the use of metallic threads, such as gold or silver, to create intricate designs on fabric. At Ethnic Plus, you can find a wide range of Zari Work Gowns at our online store.


Which fabric is best for Zari Work?

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for Zari Work, the answer can vary; however, the consensus is that one cannot go working without opting for Silk, Cotton, or Chiffon fabric.


What type of jewelry should I wear with a Zari embroidered gown?

Zari embroidery is a statement in itself, so it is best to keep the jewelry minimal and simple. You can opt for elegant stud earrings or a delicate necklace to complete the look. Avoid chunky or statement jewelry that may clash with intricate embroidery.


Is it possible for one to wear Zari Gown to a casual event?

These gowns are typically suited for formal events, but you cannot go wrong if you decide to wear one to a casual event. However, it would be best if you dress down for the event and opt for simpler accessories to pair the Zari Gown with.


How do you care for Zari Work Gown?

To care for your Zari work gown, it is best to dry clean it to ensure that the metallic threads and embroidery do not get damaged in the wash. Avoid machine washing or hand washing, as this can cause the threads to loosen and the embroidery to fray. If you must wash it at home, hand washing in cold water is recommended. Avoid using harsh detergents and bleach, as they can damage the embroidery.