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Bollywood Saree Collection | Ethnic Plus

Bollywood is a trendsetter in the fashion world. Whether it is a western outfit or a traditional outfit, everyone gets inspired by celebrities' wardrobes. While there are many different types of saree available online and choosing the best Bollywood saree is quite difficult. Women are always fascinated by the glamorous clothing of superstar ladies. Bollywood has all-ages fashion Divas, such as Deepika Padukone, Vidhya Bala, Anushka Sharma, Rekha, and many others. Ethnic Plus has a versatile and exhaustive collection of Bollywood sarees online to get your dream to wear a Bollywood saree closer. We have a wide range of variety in prints, floral design, embroidery, and weaving too. 

Currently Trending Bollywood Sarees

Half-Half Saree 

Half and Half is a pattern that contains two fabrics or two designs combined into one saree. In the Half and Half saree, the pallu part and the pleated parts are different which creates an amazing look. you will find different patterns or designs on the pallu and others on the skirt part. 

Sequins Saree

You must have seen Deepika Padukone, Kajol, and many other superstars carrying sequins saree from big designers. Sequin sarees are the current trend and will last for many years. Ethnic Plus is going with the trend and offering wast collection of Bollywood sequins saree with premium quality. 

Floral Saree 

Floral designs are ever-green. Whether it is Bollywood fashion or any other style, floral design is going to be in the trend for sure. Here we have an amazing collection of floral saree in many fabrics. Such as floral georgette saree, Embroidered floral saree, satin floral saree, and many more.

Banarasi Saree 

When we think of the Bollywood banarasi saree, we first get remember the look of Rekha. The Bollywood Diva always flaunts her best banarasi sarees. If you are looking for Bollywood sarees for any event like a wedding or festival. Bollywood banarasi saree is for you. You will find a huge range of Bollywood banarasi saree on Ethnic Plus.

Pleated Saree 

Have you checked the latest Bollywood collection on Ethnic Plus? Pleats are going all around Bollywood. Yes! Bollywood pleated saree is the most beautiful design invented. The fall of Bollywood pleated sarees is awesome and makes the best look on any body type. 

Bollywood has its charm on women all over the world. Let's check comes the amazing color of the Bollywood saree which is always in fashion. 

Beige Bollywood Saree

Alia Bhatt bridal bride saree. The net beige saree with embroidery embellishments all over the saree was awesome. Get an amazing beige color saree from Ethnic Plus at the best prices. 

Pink Bollywood Saree

Every woman wants lots of pink color sarees in her wardrobe. Pink color saree gives the most feminine look and it is the favorite of so many ladies out there. 

Yellow Bollywood Saree

Yellow color is one of the most vibrant color one can wear. Women used to wear a yellow color saree at wedding functions like haldi or mehndi. Ethnic Plus has the best yellow color saree collection for all the beautiful ladies.

Where can you buy Bollywood Saree?

Ethnic Plus is one stop for the Bollywood saree collection. Here, we provide worldwide shipping also. If you are located in Canada, USA, UK, or Australia, Ethnic Plus has the fastest shipping service.

Bring the Glamour of Bollywood to Your Wardrobe with Our Selection of Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood sarees have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among fans of Bollywood cinema. These traditional Indian garments are known for their vibrant and colorful designs, which are often featured in Bollywood films. The fame of Bollywood actors and actresses, as well as the popularity of Bollywood films, may have contributed to the increased visibility and popularity of sarees in general. In addition to their cultural and fashion significance, Bollywood sarees are also practical and versatile garments that can be worn for a variety of occasions. 

Bollywood sarees are available in a range of styles and designs and can be paired with different accessories to create different looks. Bollywood sarees are popular not only in India but also in other countries around the world, particularly among those with an interest in traditional Indian fashion and culture.

Different Types of Bollywood Saree

There are many different types of sarees that are popular in Bollywood, including:

  • Kanjeevaram saree: These sarees are made in the Kanjeevaram region of Tamil Nadu, India, and are known for their intricate gold and silver zari work and vibrant colors. They are often worn by Bollywood actresses on the red carpet or for special occasions.
  • Banarasi saree: These sarees are made in the city of Varanasi, India, and are known for their luxurious silk fabric and elaborate gold and silver embroidery. They are often worn by Bollywood actresses for formal events or wedding ceremonies.
  • Chiffon saree: Chiffon sarees are made from a lightweight, sheer fabric that is perfect for summer events. They are often worn by Bollywood actresses for more casual or everyday occasions.
  • Georgette saree: Georgette sarees are made from a lightweight, crinkled fabric that drapes well. They are often worn by Bollywood actresses for formal events or parties.
  • Cotton saree: Cotton sarees are a popular choice for everyday wear in India, and they are often worn by Bollywood actresses for casual or everyday occasions.
  • Lehenga saree: A lehenga saree is a saree that is designed to resemble a traditional Indian lehenga (skirt) and choli (blouse). It consists of a long, flowing skirt with a shorter blouse and dupatta (shawl). Lehenga sarees are often worn by Bollywood actresses for weddings or other formal occasions.

Buy Bollywood Saree from Ethnic Plus

If you are interested in purchasing a Bollywood saree, Ethnic Plus is an excellent place to start. This online store specializes in traditional Indian clothing, including a vast selection of Bollywood sarees in various styles and fabrics, such as Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, chiffon, georgette, cotton, and lehenga. Each saree is expertly crafted by skilled artisans and features intricate embroidery and embellishments. Order one for yourself today!