An Introduction

Banaras and silk seem to go together, and when it comes to Banarasi Saree for Weddings, saree charm and aura are pushed to a new level. Banarasi silk, which originated in Varanasi, India, has captured the hearts of Indian brides since the Mughal era, with the nine-yard-long saree being an irresistible choice at recent Indian weddings. Here's why a Banarasi Saree is a timeless style for any wedding!

What Are The Best Banarasi Silk Saree Designs?

Brides and other female counterparts can be seen wearing elegant dresses with complete confidence and grace, regardless of the wedding functions. And if you are Indian, ask your mother how she feels about a Banarasi saree for a wedding; she would have worn it back then, and it is still fashionable now! Banarasi silk sarees, like diamonds, last forever.

The Banarasi silk saree for weddings was a wardrobe staple of South Indian brides. Still, with the changing fashion market and blazing attractiveness, it has become a favorite among North Indian brides and other parts of the country.

Because of the tranquil aura, it radiates and the sheer richness it displays, you're bound to see one in their wardrobe. As a response, women of all ages and celebrities (whether young or old) have donned this beauty suit.

Banarasi silk saree for a wedding can now be classified depending on the design process itself, as listed below:

1. Banarasi Butidar Saree

A Butidar saree, on the other hand, is a beautifully woven sari brocaded with gold, silver, and silk threads. Gold threads have a richer hue than silver threads. As a reason, Banaras weavers refer to this patterning as Ganga-Jamuna.

2. Banarasi Cut Work Saree

Work should be reduced. Sarees are made using the cut work technique on plain texture after removing the floated threads. These sarees can create a bright and glowing transparent appearance.

3. Banarasi Tissue Saree

Tissue sarees are intricately woven with a golden zari weft top that adds gloss and is thus also known as the golden cloth.

4. Banarasi Saree with Jangla Design

These lovely saree patterns are made in vibrant silk threads to portray nature and the gravity of festivities. In addition, they have some exquisite Jangala motifs in the shape of Jangala vegetation, which run the saree length.

5. Banarasi Saree Tanchoi 

Tanchoi sarees have a vibrant extra-weft silk thread outline. The decoration on these sarees may appear as a maze or as kaleidoscopic. The pallu of this sort of saree is frequently embellished with large designs, while the border is frequently adorned with hypnotic criss-cross patterns.

The Bottom Line

Indian weddings are well-known for their pre and post-wedding customs, so why not commemorate these occasions by wearing these simple Banarasi silk sarees to every event? Even as a guest, you can rummage through the Banarasi saree selection and choose a fantastic look for a sangeet and wedding! If you want to be a classic bride with no effort, you know where to go! Choose any of these designs for your wedding saree and be the focal point!