Wedding trousseaux are an exquisite collection of gowns that reflect a bride's sense of style, tradition, and promise of a beautiful journey to come. Among the many choices available to brides, sarees stand out as timeless, elegant pieces that remain a staple in every collection. A new series of sarees will be available as part of the Trousseau Treasures series in 2024 that will provide brides with signature pieces they need to adorn themselves with, allowing them to create lifelong memories.

Banarasi Opulence:

banarasi saree

The Banarasi saree is an ideal choice for brides who prefer a sense of regality and tradition. Renowned for its opulent silk fabric and intricate zari work, it represents the rich culture of India. This saree is ideal for wedding ceremonies and grand receptions, as it is perfect for pastel shades with gold or silver zari, combining classic charm with contemporary elegance. The bride will stand out in all her splendor in this saree at wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Kanjivaram Grandeur:

kanjivaram saree

The Kanjivaram silk saree has long been celebrated for its luxurious texture and vibrant colors. Modern designers incorporate unconventional shades such as emerald green, royal blue, and wine red. These sarees are ideal for a bride's main wedding ceremony, featuring timeless allure that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Chikankari Whispers:

embroidered saree

A Chikankari saree is a quintessential choice for a bride who appreciates subtlety and grace. With their intricate white threadwork, Chikankari sarees exude an ethereal aura. The Chikankari trend is characterized by pastel shades such as blush pink, mint green, and powder blue, making it an excellent choice for pre-wedding functions, such as mehendi or sangeet.

Bandhani Bliss:

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The vibrant state of Gujarat is home to the vibrant Bandhani saree, a colorful and pattern-filled garment. The trousseau of the bride is infused with a playful spirit by unconventional combinations such as mustard and lavender or turquoise and coral. This saree is ideal for lively events like haldi or pre-wedding celebrations.

Kota Dignity:

saree designer

This saree is known for its lightweight and airy texture, making it a comfortable yet sophisticated choice for all occasions. Brides are expected to choose Kota sarees with delicate zari borders or floral motifs in 2024. Sarees such as these are perfect for daytime events and provide the bride with an effortless grace that complements her glowing appearance.

Patola Elegance:

organza saree

Patola sarees originate in Gujarat and are distinguished by their vibrant geometric patterns and double ikat weave. Several brides are choosing bold, contrasting color combinations like deep maroon and mustard or royal blue and emerald green to honor the rich cultural heritage of Patola sarees. As a statement piece, this saree is perfect for pre-wedding rituals or intimate celebrations.

Organza Whimsy:

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A bride who appreciates contemporary aesthetics will appreciate the Organza saree's lightness, translucentness, and intricate embroidery. With pastel shades and floral or abstract motifs, brides are opting for a modern, chic look. These sarees are ideal for cocktail parties and post-wedding celebrations, allowing the bride to showcase her individuality stylishly.


The saree remains an integral part of the ever-evolving bridal fashion landscape at Ethnic Plus, reflecting both India's timeless elegance and cultural richness. Designed to cater to every bride's needs, Trousseau Treasures' signature sarees for 2024 offer a diverse range of designs. These sarees are more than just garments; they reflect a bride's unique journey, creating memories lasting for a lifetime, reflecting her unique journey. This bride embarks on a new chapter draped in the splendor of these signature sarees, each telling a story about tradition, style, and love.