Banarasi Saree That Must Have In Women Wardrobe 

Saree woven with fine silk is known as a banarasi silk saree. Banarasi saree is loved by Indian women. This shining beauty always wins the hearts of everyone. When women adorn banarasi saree at the occasion, party, or any function it represents class and luxury every time. This saree is the national dress for Indian women and an important part of women's life. 

This beautiful drape is not only making an impact on Indian traditional wear but is also popular among international fashion. You can never go wrong with a banarasi silk saree whether it is a wedding trousseau or for any big day. 

There are many complex designs into this six yards of fabric that make it stunning and adorable. With technology, many making of Banarasi silk has changed a lot but the elegance is still the same. While you are shopping for a banarasi silk saree online you will get see many patterns and designs. 

Your wardrobe is incomplete if you do not have a banarasi silk saree in it. Here are some types of banarasi saree work from the wast collection so you can choose your elegant praise easily.

Simple Cut Work Saree 

Plain fabric decorated with cutwork weaving work basically in leaf or flower designs. Cutwork banarasi silk sarees casual in look, you can wear this kind of sarees at office parties or gatherings. Simple yet elegant is what this saree looks like. 

Simple Cut Work Saree

Tanchoi banarasi silk saree 

Tanchoi banarasi saree is another style of saree that is very popular at weddings and festivals. Colorful design and amazing silk work all over the saree make it look royal. 

tanchoi banarasi silk saree

Jangla Banarasi Silk Sarees 

Colorful floral or pattern all over the saree is called jangla banarasi silk saree. On this pattern, you will find jangla work all over the saree. This full silk weaving saree gives a heavy and rich look. If you are attending a wedding or any big function jangla silk saree can be the best choice for you. 

jangla banarasi silk saree

Half & Half Banarasi Silk Saree  

Half and half banarasi saree suggest that saree has a different design color in at pallu and different work at the bottom. Saree which has banarasi silk weaving pallu with some different designs will create an amazingly unique style for any occasion. you can with some embroidery at the bottom and silk weaving pallu. 

half hals saree