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White Sarees

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While sequins are one fabric that has become a fashion statement nowadays, and you will definitely find one or the other woman wearing a sequin outfit at almost all the parties, do you even know where this fashion came from? Sequins were the bright and ornament-like pieces that were used on shoes or bags in the Middle East, to provide it a royal and festive appropriate look. However, Indian designers did this beautiful experiment and used sequins on the most elegant woman piece of Indian clothing, and this is how they introduced us to the very beautiful sequins saree. While sequin sarees are available in different colors and fabrics, a White Saree has its own charm. White sequin saree matches beautifully with different colored blouses and crop tops, and one can create different looks every time one wears a white sequin saree. 

Why a White Saree is appropriate for a night as well as day event

Sequin sarees are really bright and glossy, hence, it is usually suggested to wear them for night events as they might look a bit overwhelming for a day event. However, a White Saree can be styled in both day and night events, since the white color helps to balance the shine of the sequins, making the saree look less glittery during the day. To ensure that your day look with a white sequin saree looks nicely put together, wear very minimal jewelry with the saree, and you can go for a less glittery blouse of some other fabric, to balance the outfit. It is well said that, with the right way of styling the white sequin saree, you can definitely rock a day look as well.

Some important facts about a White Saree

While a white sequins saree can be found in different designs and fabrics, one must be aware of the important facts about the saree, which will help to pick the right one for yourself and will also help to maintain the same once bought.

  • You will only find heavy sequins work on the fabrics like silk, as silk is one fabric that can bear the heavy stone work very easily, without getting damaged. 
  • There are many other fabric options like chiffon, net, and other also available in the market, but in such fabrics, you will either find the sequins work on the borders of the saree, or in some parts of it, as these fabrics are not made for heavy work, being really delicate.
  • The White Saree looks really royal and classy, but it is not easy to maintain the saree. Once bought, you need to ensure that you get it dry cleaned on time, and only give it in the hand of the vendor, whom you trust, to ensure that they don’t spoil the saree.

White Saree anyways being very high maintenance, and that too in white color, you really need to handle it with extra care, to ensure that the charm of the saree remains the same for a long. A well-maintained white sequin saree can change the game for you, every time you style it.